IOF has published a seeding list for world ranking in 2018

The world ranking score calculation for all orienteering disciplines relies on the previous score of the athletes. However, as the TrailO world ranking list has just been set up in 2018, there is no previous score available for initial events. The IOF has decided to make a seeding list to provide the previous score on a temporary basis.

The seeding list is made from the results of WTOC and ETOC in 2016 and 2017, and all ECTO competitions in 2017. The algorithm is listed below:

  1. Assign a same random score to every competitors.
  2. Apply the competition results using the world ranking scheme.
  3. Repeat the above step until the list is stable.

The seeding list contains 354 competitors. There are 10 Hong Kong competitors in the list with seeding scores between 9.56 and 14.17.

The brand-new world ranking list after Egypt Trail Orienteering Championships currently has 5 athletes from the seeding list, appearing mostly in the same order:

WRE rank name nationality WRE score seeding score
1 Alessio Tenani Italy 79.41 1.37
3 Ari Tetsunen Finland 81.27 3.05
4 Michael Chun Chi Tsang Hong Kong 81.60 12.24
13 Mohamed Abd El Baky Egypt 89.12 14.76
14 Pentti Koponen Finland 89.31 14.73

The seeding list will be used in all events in 2018. From 2019, the list will no longer be used.

For further information and the seeding list, please refer to the document published by IOF.

The next world ranking events will be Lipica TrailO in Slovenia, and FinTrailO in Finland this month.