The international race season of 2018 has finished

Prague Trail Autumn marked the end of WRE races in TrailO this year. 1 athlete from Hong Kong, Michael Chun Chi Tsang participated in the competitions, in both PreO and TempO, and got 74th place out of 96 in PreO, and 52th place out of 91 in TempO.

The winner in PreO was Tomáš Leštínský from Czechia, who got 26 points out of 27, while the winner in TempO was Antti Rusanen from Finland, who scored 290.5 seconds for 35 controls.

The are 12 Hong Kong athletes in the TrailO world ranking list at the end of this year, 3 of them are in the top 100, including Yau Chiu Hui (46.80, 83rd), Michael Chun Chi Tsang (50.19, 94th) and Chi Hang Liang (53.88, 99th).

The top 3 athletes in the world this year are Antti Rusanen (1.49), Pinja Makinen (4.88) and Jan Furucz (5.48).