Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships 2021

After two years of break due to social unrest and COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships were held again in 2021, which gained World Ranking Event (WRE) status for the first time and became the final 2 World Ranking races in the year. However, as the pandemic was still widespread in the world and border quarantine still in place, it was effectively a closed-door competition to local participants only.

The PreO race was held on 18 December in Saiyuen Cheung Chau. 14 elite (WRE) competitors, 14 competitors in advanced class, and 1 competitor in beginner class started the race. Elite and advanced classes shared the same course with 23 controls, and beginner course had 10 controls.

The official team were Timothy Kwong (event advisor), Paul Ng (organiser) and John Yuen (planner). Chi Kin Man won the champion title having 21 correct and 18 seconds in the time controls, with Huan Kun Sy and Ronald Yeung coming a close second and third only differed by the time controls, gaining 13.46, 13.51 and 13.56 World Ranking points on a 0 (best) – 15 (beginner) scale respectively.

The TempO race was held on 19 December in Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp. 11 elite (WRE) competitors, 6 competitors in advanced class, and 8 competitors in beginner class started the race (excluding unranked competitors due to late into quarantine). There were 6 stations, each with 4 controls in the elite class, which 5 were shared with the advanced class, and 4 stations, each with 3 controls in the beginner class. However, a station in the elite and advance classes was voided.

The official team were Vivian Chung (advisor), Kwok Wai Cheung (organiser) and Tsz Ho Chui (planner). Tak Kun Li won the champion title with 264 seconds including penalty accumulated over 20 controls, getting 12.90 World Ranking points on the 0-15 scale, while Chi Hin Luk and Huan Kun Sy got the 2nd place and the 3rd place at 356 and 358 seconds (13.79 and 13.86 World Ranking points).

As of 31 December 2021, there are 13 Hong Kong athletes ranked in the TrailO World Ranking List with a score under 90.00, with the top 3 being Chi Hang Liang (52.67 / 90, 153rd globally), Chun Ho Ho (61.91 / 90, 183rd globally) and Michael Chun Chi Tsang (62.11 / 90, 184th globally)

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