PreO qualification has been completed

The PreO qualification race this year was completed on 13th October in Lai Chi Kok Park, organised by OAHK with MOPC. The key officials were Vivian Chung (controller), Ka Sing Ng (event organiser) and Chi Kin Chau (course setter).

The race was divided into elite, advanced and beginner classes. Advanced class was further divided into advanced open and advanced youth, sharing the same advanced course for qualification purposes. Beginner class was further divided into beginner open, beginner youth and family, sharing the same beginner course.

There were 8 started competitors in elite class, 9 in advanced classes, and 7 in beginner classes (excluding guest competitors). There were 21 controls and 2 time controls in elite class, but 1 control was voided. The medallists in elite class were, in order, Yuen Wang Ki (19 points, 83 seconds), Kwong Man Fai Timothy (17 points, 22.5 seconds) and Cheung Kwok Wai (17 points, 82 seconds). In advanced class, there were 18 controls and 2 time controls, but 1 control was voided. The medallists in advanced open class were, in order, Ronald Yeung (14 points, 45 seconds), Ho Hui Nam (14 points, 88 seconds) and Wong Sze Ha Elyse (14 points, 89 seconds).

The top performers of this race in advanced classes are qualified for the elite class of Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (PreO) this year.

Full results, race maps and solution map are available.

The international race season of 2018 has finished

Prague Trail Autumn marked the end of WRE races in TrailO this year. 1 athlete from Hong Kong, Michael Chun Chi Tsang participated in the competitions, in both PreO and TempO, and got 74th place out of 96 in PreO, and 52th place out of 91 in TempO.

The winner in PreO was Tomáš Leštínský from Czechia, who got 26 points out of 27, while the winner in TempO was Antti Rusanen from Finland, who scored 290.5 seconds for 35 controls.

The are 12 Hong Kong athletes in the TrailO world ranking list at the end of this year, 3 of them are in the top 100, including Yau Chiu Hui (46.80, 83rd), Michael Chun Chi Tsang (50.19, 94th) and Chi Hang Liang (53.88, 99th).

The top 3 athletes in the world this year are Antti Rusanen (1.49), Pinja Makinen (4.88) and Jan Furucz (5.48).

TempO qualification has been completed

The first qualification race this year was completed on last Sunday in Tin Shui Wai Park. The race was stage 2 of Y2Y TrailO League, in TempO format. The key officials were Kwong Man Fai Timothy (controller), Hui Yau Chiu (event organiser) and Tsang Michael Chun Chi (course setter).

The race was divided into advanced and beginner classes. There were 4 time stations, with 4 controls in each station in both classes, with the possibility of zero answers in advanced class but not in beginner class.

There were 32 started competitors in advanced class and 10 started competitors in beginner class. Among them, there were 2 competitors came from Japan, Chino Koji and Noritoshi Matsuhashi, placed at the 9th and 17th in advanced class respectively. The medallists in advanced classes were, in order, Liang Chi Hang (128.5 seconds), Cheung Kwok Wai (178 seconds) and Chau Chi Kin (185 seconds), the medallists in beginner classes were Lam Wang Hong Nerio (251 seconds), Yiu Yiu (254.5 seconds) and Lo Chun Hei (271 seconds).

The top performers of this race in advanced class are qualified for the elite class of Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (TempO) this year.

The results and solutions can be downloaded from Y2Y website.

World Trail Orienteering Championship 2018

The World Trail Orienteering Championships this year, held in Daugavpils, Latvia, has ended. The Hong Kong team has achieved great results, with 2 team members entered TempO final.


The TempO race was held in Daugavpils Fortress. Petteri Hakala, representing Finland, won the title of World Champion in TempO. He completed 25 controls in 152.5 seconds, with 1 mistake causing 30 seconds as penalty, and totalled 182.5 seconds as the final result. Lennart Wahlgren representing Sweden and Jan Furucz representing Slovakia both got the first runner-up. They both completed 25 controls in 127 seconds with 2 mistakes, totalled 187 seconds.

The Hong Kong team members are Yau Chiu Hui, Tak Kun Li, Michael Chun Chi Tsang and Wang Ki Yuen, where Wang Ki Yuen was the first time in the team, and the others all had previous world championship experiences.

Athlete Heat Heat result Heat rank Final result Rank
Yau Chiu Hui B 264.5 11 343 27
Tak Kun Li A 300 15 383.5 31
Wang Ki Yuen B 385.5 28 did not advance
Michael Chun Chi Tsang A 460.5 31 did not advance


The PreO race was a 2-day race, held in Jaunā Forštate, in the southern part for the first day and in the northern part near the quarry for the second day. There were 28 controls on the first day and 33 controls on the second day. There were 5 athletes with perfect score in the open class, resulting in the podium place determined by the time controls. Jan Furucz representing Slovakia won the title of world champion in PreO by 30.5 seconds in time control, Geir Myhr Oien representing Norway got the first runner-up with 43 seconds, and Antti Rusanen representing Finland got the second runner-up with 45.5 seconds. While in the paralympic class, the first three places were won by Ola Jansson representing Sweden, Michael Johansson representing Sweden and Svein Jakobsen representing Norway in order, scoring 58, 57 and 56 out of 61.

The results of Hong Kong team in open class are follows:

Athlete Day 1 Day 2 Total Rank
Chun Ho Ho 24, 137.5″ 31, 89.5″ 55, 227″ 39
Chi Hang Liang 23, 90″ 28, 81.5″ 51, 171.5″ 52
Yau Chiu Hui 25, 151.5″ 24, 18.5″ 49, 170″ 56


The relay race was held near Jaunie Stropi. There were 30 PreO controls in total (10 each) and 4 controls in each time station.

In open class, Norway team won the relay race with 285 seconds in total, Latvia team got the first runner-up with 319 seconds, and Finland team got the second runner-up with 334 seconds. In paralympic class, the first three places are Sweden (453 seconds), Czechia (483 seconds) and Russia (645 seconds).

The Hong Kong team members of relay race in open class, in the starting order, were Chun Ho Ho, Chi Hang Liang and Yau Chiu Hui. The team got 548 seconds in total and placed the 17th.

WTOC 2018 TempO

TempO race of WTOC 2018 was held in Daugavpils Fortress today. There were 4 athletes representing Hong Kong in TempO.


The qualification was in 2 parallel groups with best 18 from each qualified for final, with 6 stations of 4 controls each.

The results of Hong Kong athletes were follow:

Heat A:
15 Tak Kun Li 300″
31 Michael Chun Chi Tsang 460.5″

Heat B:
11 Yau Chiu Hui 264.5″
28 Wang Ki Yuen 385.5″


There were 5 stations of 5 controls each in the final. Petteri Hakala from Finland got the World Champion with 182.5 seconds for a total of 25 controls, Lennart Wahlgren from Sweden and Jan Furucz from Slovakia both got the second place with 187 seconds.

There were 2 Hong Kong athletes qualified and their results were follows:

27 Yau Chiu Hui 343″
31 Tak Kun Li 383.5″

The full results can be read in the following links:

Heat A
Heat B

Falco Cup 2018

Falco Cup 2018 was just held in Smiltynė, Lithuania in Curonian Spit National Park on 1st to 3rd August. The first two days’ competitions were PreO + TempO, with TempO stations at the end, and the last day’s competition was a world ranking event with PreO only.

There were 51 participants completed all the competitions, 7 from Hong Kong.

The winner was Sigurd Dæhli, got only 788 seconds in all competitions using relay formula, and the total results of Hong Kong participants are follows:

rank athlete result (seconds)
24 Yau Chiu Hui 1973
28 Chun Ho Ho 2133
30 Chi Hang Liang 2224
34 Michael Chun Chi Tsang 2423
36 Wangki Yuen 2485
39 Li Tak Kun 2633
43 Man Fai Timothy Kwong 2819

IOF has published a seeding list for world ranking in 2018

The world ranking score calculation for all orienteering disciplines relies on the previous score of the athletes. However, as the TrailO world ranking list has just been set up in 2018, there is no previous score available for initial events. The IOF has decided to make a seeding list to provide the previous score on a temporary basis.

The seeding list is made from the results of WTOC and ETOC in 2016 and 2017, and all ECTO competitions in 2017. The algorithm is listed below:

  1. Assign a same random score to every competitors.
  2. Apply the competition results using the world ranking scheme.
  3. Repeat the above step until the list is stable.

The seeding list contains 354 competitors. There are 10 Hong Kong competitors in the list with seeding scores between 9.56 and 14.17.

The brand-new world ranking list after Egypt Trail Orienteering Championships currently has 5 athletes from the seeding list, appearing mostly in the same order:

WRE rank name nationality WRE score seeding score
1 Alessio Tenani Italy 79.41 1.37
3 Ari Tetsunen Finland 81.27 3.05
4 Michael Chun Chi Tsang Hong Kong 81.60 12.24
13 Mohamed Abd El Baky Egypt 89.12 14.76
14 Pentti Koponen Finland 89.31 14.73

The seeding list will be used in all events in 2018. From 2019, the list will no longer be used.

For further information and the seeding list, please refer to the document published by IOF.

The next world ranking events will be Lipica TrailO in Slovenia, and FinTrailO in Finland this month.

The first TrailO world ranking event in the world history is coming!

TrailO will have world ranking events (WRE) from 2018, the first event will be Mediterranean Championship in Orienteering (MCO) cum Egypt International Orienteering Championship (EIOC), which will be held between 1st to 4th February 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt.

The event will be organised by Egypt Orienteering Federation, OK Vihor from Croatia as the technical organiser. There will be 4 WREs, including FootO sprint, FootO middle, TrailO PreO and TrailO TempO, and a FootO long competition which will be a scoring competition for national teams of MCO, but not a WRE.

The event schedule follows:
31/1: registration
1/2: FootO model, TrailO PreO (WRE)
2/2: FootO sprint (WRE), TrailO TempO (WRE)
3/2: FootO long
4/2: FootO middle (WRE)
5/2: tourism day

Until 12/1, there have been 3 competitors from Hong Kong entered the competition, including Chi Ko Abdon Cheung, Wing Chung Tam and Michael Chun Chi Tsang. The entering deadline is 15/1, please enter soon. The bulletin 3 can be read here.

Furthermore, there will be 6 competitions in FinTrailO 2018 held between 30/3 and 2/4 in Turku, Finland, including 1 PreO and TempO combined, 2 PreOs (the first will be WRE), 1 TempO (WRE), 1 TempO night-O and 1 team relay. The deadline of entering the competition is 22/3, there has already been competitor from Hong Kong entered all 6 competitions. Bulletin 1 can be read here.

Apart from the above events, there will be WREs in Slovenia, Lithuania and Czech Republic. The details can be seen in the event calendar of IOF.