TempO qualification has been completed

The first qualification race this year was completed on last Sunday in Tin Shui Wai Park. The race was stage 2 of Y2Y TrailO League, in TempO format. The key officials were Kwong Man Fai Timothy (controller), Hui Yau Chiu (event organiser) and Tsang Michael Chun Chi (course setter).

The race was divided into advanced and beginner classes. There were 4 time stations, with 4 controls in each station in both classes, with the possibility of zero answers in advanced class but not in beginner class.

There were 32 started competitors in advanced class and 10 started competitors in beginner class. Among them, there were 2 competitors came from Japan, Chino Koji and Noritoshi Matsuhashi, placed at the 9th and 17th in advanced class respectively. The medallists in advanced classes were, in order, Liang Chi Hang (128.5 seconds), Cheung Kwok Wai (178 seconds) and Chau Chi Kin (185 seconds), the medallists in beginner classes were Lam Wang Hong Nerio (251 seconds), Yiu Yiu (254.5 seconds) and Lo Chun Hei (271 seconds).

The top performers of this race in advanced class are qualified for the elite class of Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (TempO) this year.

The results and solutions can be downloaded from Y2Y website.

Y2Y TrailO League 2018 will be held from August to October this year

Y2Y will organise “SPORTident Y2Y Park-O” with 10 sprint competitions in total to celebrate 10 year anniversary of the club. 3 of these competitions will be held together with TrailO TempO, Y2Y TrailO League, with the following details:

Stage 1: 11th August Lai Chi Kok Park (Park-O stage 6)
Stage 2: 9th September Tin Shui Wai Park (Park-O stage 8) (qualification event of Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (TempO))
Stage 3: 13th October North District Park (Park-O stage 9)

There will be 3 to 4 time stations in each competition, with 4 time controls each.

Park-O will be held immediately after TempO, participants may run a Park-O after completing TempO.

The competitions are divided into advanced (A) and beginner (B) classes, entry system has now opened, event details may be read at the official website. The fee of each competition is HK$80 (advanced) / $70 (beginner), $20 discount in total will be given if all 3 competitions are entered at the same time. Please register and come, and don’t forget to register also for SPORTident Y2Y Park-O” stages 5 to 10, and buy a contact-free SIAC control card at a discount price $490 at the same time.