PreO qualification has been completed

The PreO qualification race this year was completed on 13th October in Lai Chi Kok Park, organised by OAHK with MOPC. The key officials were Vivian Chung (controller), Ka Sing Ng (event organiser) and Chi Kin Chau (course setter).

The race was divided into elite, advanced and beginner classes. Advanced class was further divided into advanced open and advanced youth, sharing the same advanced course for qualification purposes. Beginner class was further divided into beginner open, beginner youth and family, sharing the same beginner course.

There were 8 started competitors in elite class, 9 in advanced classes, and 7 in beginner classes (excluding guest competitors). There were 21 controls and 2 time controls in elite class, but 1 control was voided. The medallists in elite class were, in order, Yuen Wang Ki (19 points, 83 seconds), Kwong Man Fai Timothy (17 points, 22.5 seconds) and Cheung Kwok Wai (17 points, 82 seconds). In advanced class, there were 18 controls and 2 time controls, but 1 control was voided. The medallists in advanced open class were, in order, Ronald Yeung (14 points, 45 seconds), Ho Hui Nam (14 points, 88 seconds) and Wong Sze Ha Elyse (14 points, 89 seconds).

The top performers of this race in advanced classes are qualified for the elite class of Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (PreO) this year.

Full results, race maps and solution map are available.

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