HKOC World Orienteering Day “Photo PreO” Game

IOF held the 3rd “World Orienteering Day” on 23rd to 29th May. HKOC supported for 3 consecutive years, held multiple orienteering events on that day, including “Photo PreO”.

Rules of “Photo PreO”: Participants see a photo, with multiple flags (the leftmost is A, next is B, etc.), and need to answer which flag is the control on the map. There is no Z answer in the game, the control must be placed at a flag.

The following is an explanation:


This year’s activity has 25 question, ended at 29th May 2018, 23:59 Hong Kong Time. The organiser has already published the answers and result. 187 people participated this year, decreased by 14% compared to last year. 12 participants got all 25 questions correct, including 1 from Hong Kong.

Although the activity has ended, the training questions are still open, interested participants can go for practice.

Thank for Mr Akune Li and Hong Kong Orienteering Club for designing “Photo PreO” game.

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