Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (TempO & Relay)

The TempO and relay competitions of Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships were held this month.

The TempO competition was held in Aberdeen Country Park on 2nd December. So Wing Man was the controller, Choi Wai Kit was the event organizer and Tam Wing Chung was the course setter.

There were 4 stations with 5 controls each in elite class, and 3 stations with 4 controls each in advanced and beginner classes. There were 19 started competitors and also 1 guest competitor in the elite class. Ho Chun Ho won the race with 208 seconds for 20 controls, Li Tak Kun and Yuen Wang Ki got the first and second runner-ups, with 222 and 242 seconds respectively.

The relay competition was held in Yuen Long Park on 9th December. Ho Chun Ho was the controller, Yuen Wang Ki was the event organizer and Li Tak Kun was the course setter.

There were 30 controls in total in the PreO part (10 for each leg), and 3 time controls for each leg. Open and student classes shared the same course. There were 8 teams in total. The champion team was Ng Ka Sing, Luk Chi Hin, Lo Wing Shiu, with 269 seconds total as the final result. The first runner-up was Chau Chi Kin, Chui Tsz Ho, Cheung Kwok Wai, with 353 seconds total. The second runner-ups were Noritoshi Matsuhashi, Chino Koji, Masayuki Tashiro, and Ng Wing Kei, Chan On Lap, Lo Kam Tao Leo, with 518 seconds total for both teams.

The PreO competition is postponed to February next year, with bulletin 1 already available.

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