Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (PreO)

Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships (PreO) was completed on 23rd February in Tung Chung North Park. There were 3 courses in the competition: E (elite), A (advanced) and B (beginner), with A divided into open and youth classes, and B divided into open, youth and family classes.

The E and A courses were divided into two parts – the first part consisted of only A controls, concentrated in a small viewing area, and the second part was a traditional multiple-choice course, with the time station between two parts. There were 16 A-controls in the first part for E course, 9 for A course, and 6 controls in the second part. However, 3 controls in E course were voided, leaving 19 controls in total for E course.

The B course was a traditional multiple-choice course with 13 controls, without the possibility of Z.

There were 32 competitors started the race in the elite class. Wang Ki Yuen won the race with perfect score, Yau Chiu Hui and Koji Chino got the first runner-up and second runner-up respectively with 1 mistake by both.

In advanced open and youth classes combined, there were 20 started competitors. The best score was 13 out of 15 by winner Man Fai Fu and first runner-up Lap On Leung.

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