Egypt International Orienteering Championship is in progress

The 3rd Egypt International Orienteering Championships cum the 2nd Egypt Trail International Championships is now halfway in progress. There are 3 competitors from Hong Kong: Wing Chung Tam, Chi Ko Abdon Cheung and Michael Chun Chi Tsang.

FootO model event and TrailO PreO were held on 1st February at El Montazah Park. According to preliminary results, Hong Kong competitors made 1 to 2 mistakes among 23 questions, ranking between the 3rd and the 6th.

FootO sprint and TrailO TempO were held on 2nd February at Arab Academy. Hong Kong competitors finished between 17 and 25 minutes and ranked between the 7th and 16th in FootO sprint class M21 preliminary results, the winning time was about 15 minutes.

Long distance and middle distance races will be held on the upcoming two days, then a tourism day to conclude the series.

The first TrailO world ranking event in the world history is coming!

TrailO will have world ranking events (WRE) from 2018, the first event will be Mediterranean Championship in Orienteering (MCO) cum Egypt International Orienteering Championship (EIOC), which will be held between 1st to 4th February 2018 in Alexandria, Egypt.

The event will be organised by Egypt Orienteering Federation, OK Vihor from Croatia as the technical organiser. There will be 4 WREs, including FootO sprint, FootO middle, TrailO PreO and TrailO TempO, and a FootO long competition which will be a scoring competition for national teams of MCO, but not a WRE.

The event schedule follows:
31/1: registration
1/2: FootO model, TrailO PreO (WRE)
2/2: FootO sprint (WRE), TrailO TempO (WRE)
3/2: FootO long
4/2: FootO middle (WRE)
5/2: tourism day

Until 12/1, there have been 3 competitors from Hong Kong entered the competition, including Chi Ko Abdon Cheung, Wing Chung Tam and Michael Chun Chi Tsang. The entering deadline is 15/1, please enter soon. The bulletin 3 can be read here.

Furthermore, there will be 6 competitions in FinTrailO 2018 held between 30/3 and 2/4 in Turku, Finland, including 1 PreO and TempO combined, 2 PreOs (the first will be WRE), 1 TempO (WRE), 1 TempO night-O and 1 team relay. The deadline of entering the competition is 22/3, there has already been competitor from Hong Kong entered all 6 competitions. Bulletin 1 can be read here.

Apart from the above events, there will be WREs in Slovenia, Lithuania and Czech Republic. The details can be seen in the event calendar of IOF.


To facilitate the development of trail orienteering (TrailO) in Hong Kong, this site was established in December 2017, providing one-stop information about the sport of trail orienteering in Hong Kong.

This site will contain a few pages, including medallists list, Hong Kong Team member list, introduction to trail orienteering, etc. In the long term, event calendar and photo-O game may be added.

From 2018 there will be world ranking events in TrailO like the other three disciplines, but with different scoring scheme. Also, Hong Kong will hold the 1st Asian Trail Orienteering Championships (AsTOC) in 2019, and hold the World Trail Orienteering Championships (WTOC) in 2020, which will be a WTOC held outside Europe again after it was held in 2005 in Japan. This site will update with relevant information then.